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About Us

Satisfied Realtors’ referrals are primarily responsible for the successful growth of our company. We have been working with over 250 of the top local producing REALTORS® since 2006. The goal of Virtual Real Estate Shop is to assist REALTORS® in transforming buyers and sellers into advocates by providing them with excellent service that will be remembered throughout the buying and selling process. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the number one complaint between Realtor and client is the lack of communication. We work as a team to fill these gaps and to assist in a positive real estate experience.

Real Estate is an “Emotional Experience” and our “enhanced personalized” services and systems offer a wide array of strategies our clients use to market their client’s most prized possession – their home. The home buying process and pending process informs and educates clients as to what to expect when an offer has been accepted while also managing the paperwork and major deadlines to ensure a smooth closing.

We help REALTORS® stand out amongst the competition by creating a database that is not merely a mailing list but rather a list of relationships! We are a local, hands-on resource for our REALTORS® as they wear many hats. The “backroom” service we provide is seamless, which allows our REALTORS® to focus on working directly with their clients.

We help build relationships that last! WHILE YOU’RE MAKING A LIVING, BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!

Transactional Approach Relational Approach
Virtual Real Estate Shop
Focus on the Deal Focus on the Relationship
Short-Term Income Build a Business for the Long-Term
Meet the Transactional Need Meet the Relational and the Transactional Need
Cash a Check Create an Advocate
Mindset of a Salesperson Mindset of a Business Person
Each year is Unique Enjoys the Compounding Effects

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