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Listing Coordination

HEAR! LISTEN! SERVE your clients! When people know you truly CARE about their personal situation, you will get endorsements for your service.

It is an amazing feeling to know the seller has confidence in your ability to market their property. Feel confident knowing you will exceed your sellers’ expectations! By exceeding these expectations, you are building trust and a long term relationship with your clients which will come back to you in the future.

Every listing you represent should also receive the maximum in your marketing efforts; whether it’s a $60,000 property or a $600,000 property. Remember, it’s the relationship not the transaction.

What is your marketing strategy for your listings?
What are the sellers’ expectations when it comes to working with them?

Marketing a property in today’s real estate market can be time consuming. As well as keeping the seller informed of what is going on while the property is active. Communication is extremely important and you need to always be a step ahead.

What marketing efforts you have put in place to capture the right audience?

  • Professional photos
  • Staging consultation
  • Showing feedback
  • Statistical information from all your marketing efforts

At Virtual Real Estate Shop, we will review your current marketing methods then help you in creating a marketing plan and system for each of your listings. Implementing this process is a critical piece to your marketing presentation and how to communicate with your seller by educating them on the process.

Not only will you create a relationship with a new client, but you will also create a referral network and will be able to enjoy the compounding effects for years to come.

Once you have received an accepted purchase offer, your job is to make sure the closing process goes as smoothly as possible. This is where you can really nurture your relationship with your client by making sure every step of the transaction is taken care of and they are informed every step of the way. To learn more about how the team at Virtual Real Estate Shop can work with you, please contact us today.