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Real Estate Marketing

If you could master what has been identified as the most valuable form of marketing—the one that consumers trust above all others and the one that is most likely to drive sales for your company — would you instead choose to ignore it or leave it to chance?
Why would you simply choose to sit back and hope leads and conversations will just happen on their own? Let’s look at the facts. 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

“If consumers value word of mouth and business owners believe it is effective, then why aren’t business owners more focused on it?”

“The problem is that for the last few years, business owners and marketers have been focused on “collecting” instead of “connecting.” In other words, companies are too caught up in collecting leads and social media fans and they are forgetting to actually connect with them. Having 100 really passionate fans that love your business is exponentially more effective than having 10,000 “fans” who signed up just to win a free gift from you.” Forbes

Give your fans the gift of you. Engage with them. Listen to what they are telling you. People overlook the simple and get bored with the fundamentals. If you don't want to be average, why do you insist on doing the bare minimum?

Referrals are essential to your business so don’t overlook them chasing the newest trend in marketing in the real estate industry. Personally serve your current clients. What are you doing to make sure your potential advocates feel confident enough in your business to recommend you? Is your customer experiencing something far beyond what was expected? Slightly exceeding their expectations just won't do it. You've got to go above and beyond the call of duty if you want your customers to talk about you.

Word-of-mouth advertising is essential, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way. And it's one of the most credible forms of advertising because a person puts their reputation on the line every time they make a recommendation and that person has nothing to gain but the appreciation of those who are listening.

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