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Transaction Coordination

The closing IS NOT a funeral! This is the beginning of a long-term relationship. We can exceed your expectations as well as your clients.
Virtual Real Estate Shop can handle all the details of your transaction whether you are representing the seller, buyer or both. We handle all the details of your real estate transaction to ensure a successful closing.

  • Create a customized closing checklist just for you
  • Handle all closing documents, securely
  • Take care of all the communication involved in the transaction such as phone calls, emails and any other details during the transaction
  • Keep you informed of all the details with our weekly pending report
  • Give you peace of mind that every step of the transaction is completed on time and professionally

We organize all the documents and tasks through our online password protected program which you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have the experience you need to accomplish your goals and that is to have better communication with your clients while assisting in a smooth transaction that results in a successful closing.

  • We have successfully listed and closed over 6,000 transactions since 2009
  • Our Transaction Team takes pride in handling every detail on your behalf to ensure a positive experience

Below is just a sample of what your customized action plan may contain as part of the closing process:

  • Verify all documents are properly executed by all parties.
  • Ensure all disclosures are completed.
  • Ensure attorney approvals have been received.
  • Ensure escrow has been opened and all parties have received the appropriate documents.
  • Follow up on loan approvals.
  • Confirm and verify appraisal has been ordered.
  • Monitor compliance with contract terms and deadlines
  • Coordinate tasks with co-op agent.
  • Upload all documents, disclosures, etc.

The benefits of our online transaction system:

  • We offer Online Transaction Coordination to single agents, teams and Brokers.
  • For Brokers – we offer immediate reporting to you with a comprehensive overview of all transactions in the office.
  • Once the transaction is generated, you will have access to all listing and pending documents and actions taken throughout the closing process.
  • All parties can receive automatic notification whenever a task is due.
  • We provide an online report which allows you to review the status of all your transactions at the same time.

Create more time for your current clients and sales and marketing!
Become more organized with your transactions.
Become a Peak Producer Agent in your market.